I was born and raised in Greece, where I got my music education and experience. Back in Greece, I was a professional choir member and soloist for many years, and I studied music research and pedagogy in Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki. I also mastered in classical singing, piano, music theory and I attended many singing Masterclasses in Greece while teaching professionally since 2007. At the moment I teach at the wonderful Mount Tabor Music School, where you will find me most days.

My determination began when I was 11 years old, after hearing Maria Callas sing, and that determination led me to begin studying classical singing at the age of 16. While studying for my singing degree, I worked with many teachers, and, by observing their teaching styles, I understood their impact on my voice, psychology, motivation and overall perspective. After experiencing a devastating emotional trauma on my voice, I decided that I would dedicate myself to help others grow a healthy and strong voice, use my technical knowledge to help them increase their range and build their self- confidence and self-esteem.

I believe strongly in individuality and spirituality, so I’m always allowing myself and my students to express ourselves freely and with respect for each other. Building a trusted relationship is key for me, and I always encourage my students to communicate as much as possible during the lesson. Patience is also something I strive for, both for myself and my students. I never take the ”easy way out”, I’m always working methodically and slowly towards building a strong and healthy voice.